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How To Use The Himalayan Salt Pipe

How To Use The Himalayan Salt Pipe

Simply place the Salt Inhaler into your mouth and inhale normally, exhaling through your nose, taking care not to breath back into the pipe. A salty taste may be experienced at first but this will be lessen with use as the salt crystals vaporize within the Salt Inhaler.

Breathing as to be done with normal intensity, forced breathing is unnecessary and should be avoided. As soon as the cleaning process starts, the harmful deposits will be expelled from the respiratory tract by coughing and nasal secretion.

It is recommended to use the device from 15-25 minutes Daily.

Active Ingredients of the device

60-70grms of selected Halite Salt Crystals from the oldest salt mines of Himalaya Pakistan.

The Device contains Active ingredients enough for five years.

Healthy persons can also use this device as precautionary measures.