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Daily Use of Himalayan Salt Inhaler for 15-20 minutes can help you to:-

1. Breathe more easily throughout the day, able to do more exercise and feel less" out of breath".

2. Get a better night's sleep, and even control snoring-yes, if your other half is causing a racket every night, this could help them    sleep like a baby.

3. Clear out blocked nasal cavities and passage ways, while helping heal and repair inflamed lungs and airways.

4. Control chronic coughs, asthma and other breathing problem.

5. Reduce sinus problems and allergies like hay fever without resorting to drugs that can have nasty or annoying side effects.

6. Faster recovery from illness and rehabilitation after medical treatment.

7. Keep a clean and healthy respiratory system, flushed of toxins and pollutants, so you feel generally healthier, less tired and   more active during the day.